An history started in 1997

Panel was established in 1997, operating in the industrial automation field as a response to a market demanding expertises in a human-machine interface, key factor in every kind of the industrial process. In the following 20 years, Panel consolidated itself step by step, eventually becoming an international landmark in the Human-Machine Interface.


The Panel’s industrial products are versatile. They have been installed with great success in lots of plants of many fields such as: food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricoltural sector, automotive, ceramic, packaging, household appliance, marine industry, advanced services and many others.


With thousand of installations in the most industrial segments, Panel makes the reliability and the service its major asset, confirmed by the trust of sactisfied customers, that include among their ranks some of the most important Italian brands worldwide known.


Because of a proven reliabilty of its supply chain and a just in time manufacturing policy, Panel grants a continuity of supplying during the time. A Panel’s product is never an hit and run purchase but an investment protected by a technical assistance service that makes it last longer.


Flexibility means to Panel to be able to listen to the customer’s demand, stock of equipment, readiness to assembly on request and quick deliveries to Italy and Europe. The solution is always in line with the demand, the reply always modulated on specific requirements.

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