Digital Signage

The best of digital images for every context

Excellent quality/price ratio monitor with high performance and low consumption. Sizes up 10.1” to more than 80”, landscape and portrait orientation, several kind of touch screen and 24/7 operational function are the ideal solution in the digital signage and information technology field (kiosk, totem, etc…). The availability of metal housing makes them particularly suitable for harsh environment applications.
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Touchscreen monitors

Monitor from 15” to 86” available with 24/7 workability range as well and several touch screen technologies: infrared, projective capacitive, resistive and surface acoustic wave. Models with table support or book stand are included, together with open frame with VESA mount suitable both for horizontal and vertical mount.

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Monitor without Touch

Monitor from 32” to 55” available with metal case too, 24/7 workability range and horizontal or vertical mount. The large viewing angle combined with an high contrast make the image really clear so these monitors are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as advertising or info points, CAD / CAM drawing , gaming, photo editing and web design.