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Accesories for industriali PCs

Industrial Keyboard

Industrial keyboard for panel mounting with IP65 grade. Its keys are equipped by wide relief surface and an excellent  tactile feedback, suitable to be used even when used with protective gloves and able to grant a good work even in the most critical situations. These keyboards are equipped with touch pad, for KB100 and with optional of mouse botton for KB010.  
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External USB 2.0 DVD Writer / Rewriter

External Auto power supplied 2.0 USB DVD WRITE/REWRITER
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LAN card

Network adapter to add clients neither cabled or wireless on PCI, PCI-E and MiniPCI – E.
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Communication card

Comunication Cards forRS-232, RS422, RS485 ISA serial port on PCI or PCI-Express bus.
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Fieldbus e Ethrnet realtime

Standard Profibus, Profinet, CANopen peripherals, Device Net and the most common standard Field Bus, to be installed inside on the PC.
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UPS for industrial environment granting a continuos and of high quality power supply not depending on the electric net. UPS are supplied by a suitable software for the shutdown managing.
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Aluminium enclosure HDD / SSD

Aluminium enclosure for HDD/SSD with protection key, supply and disk access LED.
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Remote systems

Remote control system able to transmit the VGA signal, keyboard, mouse and SERIAL touch screen until 150mt using a cat.5 cable.
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