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Our History

Panel was established in 1998 following an industrial spin-off.

The creation of Panel computers is based on years of activity in the field of automation electronics and on the competitiveness and state-of-the-art technology offered by the best PC components on a worldwide scale. They provide an efficient and reliable solution for the most diverse and demanding working situations, both in the industrial field as well as the advanced service sector.

Panel has its head offices in an extremely modern building in Sassuolo in the province of Modena; it is set in an area that is particularly suited to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment, as there are numerous businesses in the area that specialise in the production of components such as industrial keyboards, precision mechanics, etc…
Considering the remarkable industrialization in and around Modena, Panel finds itself in a setting that is logistically ideal for the business thanks to the numerous haulage companies, international freight forwarders and railway stations.

Since the establishment of the company the main aim has been to produce reliable machines that are able to perfectly adapt to any working environment.

Since its early years Panel has collected a long series of technological and corporate successes that have led to it steadily acquiring market shares, making it a leader amongst Italian manufacturers of industrial computers.

Today, with the introduction of new models and the expansion of software support services, the company is counting on exceeding even its highest expectations of growth and reaffirming its position within the Industrial PC market.

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