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The experience gained over the years and our extremely qualified technical/commercial staff, allow Panel S.r.l  to offer complete solutions to customers, based on specific costumers requests for every working environment: from food to biomedicine, from energy to iron metallurgy, from CNC machine to transportation systems and from service sector to robotics. Panel is able to support the customers during the study, the projectation and the realization to find the best solution for their application. Panel customized solutions don’t refers only to the mechanical/hardware request but for the software area too for its Technical Dept. Acknowledge able to satisfy every custom request for operating systems Microsoft Embedded granting great advantages in speed, security and reliability with a cheap cost.

To realize customized solutions, the standard procedure phases are:


  1. Definition of all the details
  2. Quotation and issue of the purchase order
  3. Development of the Frontal panel project
  4. Development of the Mechanical project
  5. Prototype Production
  6. Prototype Tests
  7. Start of the production