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DPCM 22/03/2020

Dear customers and suppliers,

Following the restrictions on production activities determined by the DPCM of 22/03/2020, we communicate that our company will be operating until 25/03/2020 for the completion of the existing activities and the related delivery and shipping operations.
From 26/03/2020 our activity continues, where possible, in "smartworking" mode. During this period you can contact us at the usual telephone numbers and the usual email addresses that you have as reference. To provide you with the best possible service, we ask you to copy the email addresses listed below.


Divisione automazione

Automation Division

Divisione PC’s

PC’s Division




Reparto Amministrazione

Administration Department

Reparto Produzione

Production Department

Reparto Acquisti

Purchasing Department

Reparto Commerciale

Commercial Department

Reparto Tecnico

Technical Department

The mentioned method will remain in effect until the resumption of normal operating activities is permitted.

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